WWE Hall of Famer Recalls Altercation With Stephanie McMahon After Smoking Weed With Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is inducted into WWE Hall of Fame 2016

Brian ‘Road Dogg’ James has recalled sharing a joint with Snoop Dogg – but he wasn’t ready to tell Stephanie McMahon that!

The former WWE writer allegedly joined the award-winning rapper in smoking marijuana on an undisclosed date, although it came during Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura’s tenure as Governor of Minnesota. This, for the record, was between 4 January 1999 and 6 January 2003.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Wrestling Outlaws show, Road Dogg recalled the incident, while revealing how he threw his fellow WWE Hall of Famer under the bus to WWE executive Stephanie McMahon:

“All those stars you talked about that came through, I also got high with Snoop Dogg right next to when Jesse The Body [Ventura] was the Governor of Minnesota. He was there, he had secret service outside his door…pot was just billowing everywhere. Then I walked out of the room and there was Stephanie McMahon. There was smoke everywhere and I said, ‘Snoop Dogg’s smoking pot in there.’ I just threw him under the bus!”

During the period of Jesse Ventura being the 38th Governor of Minnesota, Road Dogg was signed to WWE for just two of those years, being suspended and later fired in 2001. A failed attempt to negotiate a return to WCW came on the day of its final television taping, thus leaving him unemployed.

The multi-time Tag Team Champion had initially been suspended due to substance abuse issues. He was all but blacklisted from WWE for a decade, returning in 2011 to induct his father into the WWE Hall of Fame; his release came only this year after serving in a variety of backstage positions.

Snoop Dogg, meanwhile, has made sporadic appearances for WWE throughout his year, including rapping his cousin Sasha Banks to the ring at WrestleMania 32. He’s due to appear at the launch party for WrestleMania 39, which airs tonight on WWE’s YouTube channel.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.