WWE Hall of Famer Slams “Man Child” Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan

Be it the renaming of a championship, the return of the Owen Hart Cup or the reveal of All In taking place at Wembley Stadium, AEW President Tony Khan loves making major announcements.

However, despite the subject of these bulletins they are not always received positively due to the way in which they are delivered.

One such person who is not a fan of Khan’s on-screen presence is WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff. Speaking in his podcast Strictly Business the former WCW Executive Producer didn’t mince his words when blasting the AEW President.

Tony is a man child. I mean, look, I didn’t see the report from ESPN. I don’t know who the reporter is. And I did see Tony’s response and once again Tony, do yourself a favour to your company, stay away from a camera, stay away.

Put out a press release. Have a spokesperson better yet have a spokesperson do whatever it is you need to do to keep yourself away from anything that looks like a red light. If you see a red light, leave the area as fast as you can.

Because every time Tony Khan steps in front of the camera he makes his brand looks childish and silly. Blaming Nick Khan, you know, like, dude, you are not in a war, right? You can try to compare yourself to WWE and position yourself as being in this war because it makes you feel like you’re WCW and WWE during the Monday Night Wars, it’s not that it never will be.

The conditions that created that opportunity are long gone and are never going to return. So let it go and just take credit for what you’ve done. But it’s kind of goes back to the comment that I made when I first started this thing with Tony. I said shut up and wrestle, dude.

Let other people put you over. Let other people say the things that maybe deep down inside you want to say, let other people say it for you, whether it’s fans or a spokesperson. Because it makes you look less significant.

Eric Bischoff Also Criticised Tony Khan’s Twitter Presence

On the same podcast, Bischoff also had some strong words to say about Khan’s recent “childish” Twitter interactions regarding the ticket sales for the All In Wembley Stadium show.

Khan snapped at ESPN’s Mike Coppinger calling him a liar when he tweeted that the event will only be set up to host 40,000 fans, well short of capacity. As it stands All In has sold over 50,000 tickets.

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