WWE Hall Of Famer Slams CM Punk As Overrated – “I Don’t Think He’s That Talented”

CM Punk Angry

All over the world, many wrestling fans still adore CM Punk. He has this unyielding and loyal following and many fans still admire him regardless of whether he’s in the ring, recuperating, or retired.

These same dedicated fans are salivating at the prospect of CM Punk returning to AEW. Punk was suspended after the events at All Out 2022, and that suspension coincided with an injury he suffered earlier that evening.

That was several months ago, and recent news reports suggest that Punk is trying to make his way back to AEW. But whether he will be just as popular, successful, and magnetic as before remains to be seen.

One person that isn’t sold on CM Punk is Eric Bischoff, who explained his disappointment with Punk on an episode of his Strictly Business podcast.

Eric Bischoff doesn’t have much positive to say about CM Punk and his importance to AEW

“I don’t particularly think he’s that talented. I think he’s overblown. I think he’s highly overrated. I think he’s been able to manage and create this persona that has somehow survived, and good for him for doing that.

That’s an art form in and of itself. But in terms of what he can actually deliver in the ring, we’ve seen it, we’ve experienced it. It’s doesn’t live up to the hype of CM Punk.”

This isn’t the first time Bischoff has criticized Punk. Not too long ago, Bischoff made the bold argument that AEW should try and book their big Wembley Stadium show without Punk being on the card in order to “make a statement” regarding his importance to the company.

h/t Fightful for the transcription