WWE Hall of Famer Says He Sang Shawn Michaels’ Iconic Theme Song

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels has one of the most recognisable entrance songs in wrestling history, and recently, a WWE Hall of Famer has revealed he sang on ‘Sexy Boy’.

In a recent interview with Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, ‘The Mouth of the South’ Jimmy Hart revealed that he sang on Shawn Michaels’ entrance music:

“Back in my era, you know, we did Shawn Michaels’ Sexy Boy, me and my partner. Here’s what happened — When they came to me, they said, ‘Look, we need to do a theme song for Shawn going to the ring.’ So we let Sherri [Martel] sing it, you know, about ‘sexy boy’. So when she left, then Vince said, ‘Look, you need to get Shawn to the studio’. I said, ‘Shawn, we’ve got to put your voice on it’. He goes, ‘Ah, I can’t sing’. I said, ‘I promise ya, I’ll make you sing.’”

He continued, talking about the parts of the song that he sang in the studio:

“So we went in, we knocked it out in about an hour’s time. I had to sing the backup going ‘sexy boy’ because we didn’t have girl singers on that particular track. That’s me, and I had to triplet it — three times, going, ‘sexy boy’.”

Shawn Michaels first used the song as his entrance music back in 1992, with Sherri Martel on vocals. When Martel left the company, and the track was redone with HBK on vocals, Michaels was pushed into the limelight, with being a three-time WWE Champion and three-time WWE Intercontinental Champion amongst his list of accolades in the company.

Michaels was a founding member of the legendary WWE stable, D-Generation-X, with his friend, Triple H. The stable went on to have Chyna, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and X-Pac as members with Tori and Stephanie McMahon also involved with the stable during its prime. DX was part of the making of careers for the likes of New Age Outlaws and X-Pac, with one-half of the former, Billy Gunn, still competing today, leading the Gunn Club faction in All Elite Wrestling.

A WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michael’s entrance music will go down in history as one of the best there ever was. From its origins to the parody ‘Sexy Kurt’, sung by Kurt Angle in a promo in 2005, ‘Sexy Boy’ is a defining track in WWE history.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the transcription