Surprising WWE Hall of Famer Teases In-Ring Return

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A WWE Hall of Famer says his body is in “tip-top shape” and doesn’t rule out an in-ring return for himself.

Abdullah The Butcher, now in his 80s, recently joined “Stories With Brisco & Bradshaw” to reflect back on his career in wrestling, but the polarizing legend wants to also look forward.

“The people still want to see me. The only thing I need is my hip replacement. My body is in tip-top shape, so the only thing I can do is autograph sessions, that’s all I can do. But, when I go have my operation, maybe […] I might step in the ring at […] 84.”

Abdullah has undoubtedly had a storied career competing everywhere and anywhere, including Calgary, Japan, Puerto Rico and the United States just to name a few. Bret Hart recently labeled Abdullah as one of his favorite wrestlers. If Abdullah were to pull off such a feat, he’d join the likes of Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat as legends going for one last match.

The WWE Hall Of Famer Dealing With Financial Troubles

Besides his age, another factor potentially holding Abdullah The Butcher from stepping in between the ropes once more is a lawsuit stemming back over ten years ago where it is believed he and independent wrestler Devon Nicholson contracted a rare type of Hepatitis-C. Both men bladed with each other in the match and Nicholson ended up winning the case back in 2014 for the high price tag of $2.3 million. That has sadly left the legend in financial strife, but Abdullah has credited the likes of Chris Jericho for helping him during this difficult time.

“The main part about it is this, the people who have helped me and Chris Jericho in my opinion is a hell of a man. I appreciate him 100 percent.”

There currently is a GoFundMe going on for Abdullah in which Jericho donated $2,500 to. As of this writing over $10,000 has been given to Abdullah’s cause, making it $50,000 away from his $60,000 goal.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.