WWE Hall of Famer Reveals They Still Recieve Royalties From WCW

WWE WCW Jimmy Hart

WCW still continues to be a source of income for wrestlers despite closing more than 20 years ago.

March 26th 2001 is one of the most significant dates in wrestling history, as this was the episode of WCW Nitro to air following the acquisition the company by WWE.

The iconic closing segment of the final Nitro would be simulcast with Monday Night Raw, where Shane McMahon revealed to his father Vince that the name on the contract did read McMahon, but the name on the dotted line was Shane McMahon.

Jimmy Hart Was Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame In 2005

Following the purchase, multiple Nitro and Thunder stars would jump ship, setting up the infamous Invasion storyline that would be seen throughout the majority of 2001. Along with the change of show, the former stars of Nitro would also see a crucial part of their identity change, the entrance music.

Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart discussed the now unused WCW themes while appearing on Busted Open Radio. The Mouth of the South was responsible for helping to create multiple themes for fellow inductees including Booker T, Sting and Eric Bischoff.

Hart stated in the interview that Bischoff was the one to bring Hart in to help with the compositions, and that he still receives money for the finished products:

“We do [still get royalties]. The thing too, it’s like here’s what’s so strange… when we [him and Hogan] went to WCW, I did a lot of the music. Eric Bischoff signed us to be part of the music too.”

The legendary manager would reveal what happened to the original recordings when World Championship Wrestling was bought out by their rivals. Hart would disclose that the original recordings were never played on Raw or SmackDown:

“All those songs, when WWE bought the tapes to all that, they re-dubbed other incidental songs on that,” he continued. “They never used any of those songs that we wrote when they put those tapes out.”

Multiple WCW titles were defended on WWE TV following the purchase of the former rival. At SummerSlam 2001, Booker T would defend the World Championship against The Rock in the main event of the show.

H/t to Wrestling Inc. for the use of transcriptions.