WWE Hall of Famer “Refused” To Let Steve Austin Ride With Them

Steve Austin

Madusa has recalled Rick Rude refusing to let Steve Austin ride in the car with him.

The star – also known as Alundra Blayze – was speaking during an appearance on Arn Anderson’s podcast when the topic of the Dangerous Alliance came up.

While the Paul Heyman-helmed faction went through several incarnations in the AWA and CWA, it was when Heyman brought it to WCW in 1991 that Madusa joined up.

In WCW, the group originally consisted of Heyman, Madusa, Anderson, Rick Rude, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko, and Austin.

Madusa explains that working with Rude was Heyman’s idea and that the intention was to do something similar to Shawn Michaels‘ relationship with Sherri Martel in the WWF.

“Working with Rick was Paul’s idea. We were creating something that no one has seen, it’s parallel to Shawn Micheals and Sherri, but this was on a whole different [level].”

She also said that her in-ring ability gave her an advantage over other women in the valet role.

“Sometimes I was his girl, and I was quiet, but I was a badass.”

Madusa explains why Rick Rude wouldn’t let Steve Austin ride with them

When it came to Steve Austin, the star explained that Heyman saw something in him even back then, years before he exploded in popularity at The Texas Rattlesnake.

However, this wasn’t enough for Rude to allow Austin to ride with them, for the simple reason that he liked his space in the back of the car.

“[Paul] saw a lot in Steve Austin, he wanted him to be a part of the team, that was his decision. He wanted him to ride with Rick, but Rick allowed only three people [in the car].”

“He would make Paul drive and I would have to sit up in the front seat, and Rick got the whole back seat.”

Continuing on, Madusa admitted she had a crush on Austin, joking that she knew she wasn’t his type.

“I had the biggest crush on Steve. I knew I never had a chance because he always had a big boob blonde with him, they were always married, then got another big boob blonde and then another one.”

However, she still enjoyed working with the future icon, but could see he was frustrated in his position.

“It was really great to work with him and I know he was frustrated, he was so frustrated.”

Austin was infamously fired from WCW in 1995. After a short stint in Heyman’s ECW, he joined the WWF and rose to become regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

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