WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls Showing Vince McMahon His Balls

Vince McMahon Golden Egg

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle once felt he had no choice but to show Vince McMahon his balls.

Towards the end of Angle‘s first run in WWE, he had been moved to the ECW brand where he had multiple matches against Rob Van Dam.

During one of the bouts at a live event, the Olympic Gold Medallist suffered multiple injuries, and it was at that point he decided it was time to move on.

Kurt Angle showed Vince McMahon his balls at a writers meeting

On the latest edition of The Kurt Angle Show, the star recalled showing just how injured he was at a writers meeting, taking down his pants to show how bad the bruising was.

“I think I told you when I tore my hamstring, my groin and my ab muscle all in one match against RVD. He was the WWE champion or ECW champion. I went to the next day, we had TV. We had three house shows before the TV.

“Next day, we had to go to SmackDown and I showed up early at the writers meeting. I walked into the meeting room and the people, the writers were behind me and Vince was in front of me in a desk, the front of the room.

“And I walked, took my pants down all the way down to my ankles, all you could see is my balls and everything completely nude. And if they’re black, it’s black, my leg’s black all the way down to my foot.

At that point, McMahon realised there was no way Angle was wrestling that day. In fact, Angle had gone in to quit the company altogether.

Vince is like, ‘Oh my god, I guess you’re not wrestling tonight,’ I said no, I’m not, Vince, we need to have a meeting. That’s when I quit.”

From there, Angle went on to join TNA – now IMPACT Wrestling – where he quickly became one of the company’s top stars, capturing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship six times while having some of the best bouts of his career.

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