WWE Hall Of Famer “Never Really Wanted” Match With Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan with arms folded WWE

Despite being one of the biggest stars in WCW and becoming a multiple-time World Champion, Booker T never wrestled Hulk Hogan.

Booker took on just about every other big name in the company, but a match with Hogan never came to pass. This was particularly surprising given he was one of the main stars to go up against the nWo in the late 1990s.

During a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T said there weren’t many people he didn’t wrestle at some point during his lengthy career. When it was put to the veteran that he never wrestled Hogan, he confirmed that he didn’t, and furthermore, he wasn’t all that interested in doing so.

“I never wrestled Hogan, but I never really wanted to wrestle Hogan,” he said. “I just never thought Hogan and I would have great chemistry … I didn’t see our styles working well together at all. I didn’t see that match being a classic or anything like that just because Hogan, at that time especially, didn’t do anything but punches … I could maybe be in a tag team [match with him and a partner against Harlem Heat].

That might have worked because we would have been the heels and he would have been the babyface. All he would have to do was sell and make a comeback. Leg drop go home. That might have worked.”

Booker T Turned Down Chance To Join Hulk Hogan In The nWo

Speaking back in April, Kevin Nash confirmed that he wanted Booker T to join the nWo while the group was standing tall over WCW. However, Booker turned the offer down because he didn’t want to work the busy schedule Nash, Hogan, and Scott Hall were tied to.

On the subject of people not wanting to work with Hulk Hogan, a former WCW Director has hit out at “The Hulkster” recently, claiming that he is “a terrible person.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc