WWE Hall Of Famer Names AEW’s “Biggest Problem”

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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash gave his thoughts on what he believes to be AEW’s biggest problem.

According to Nash, the relatively young promotion should be running house shows in order to help its talent improve. Speaking on a recent episode of his Kliq This podcast, Nash cited former TBS Champion Jade Cargill as an example of someone on the roster who could use more repetition in the ring, saying that despite her star presence, she needs to be working on her in-ring skills to be seen as legitimate.

“Biggest problem AEW has is they don’t run house shows, and their talent doesn’t get enough ring time. Like that Jade Cargill…She’s got an amazing look. But if it was my company and she was my prospect, I would have her twice a week as part of her deal somewhere at a Gracie jiu-jitsu place learning how to be a f***ing legitimate…then that way there, she’s just a machine.”

While AEW has added some house shows to its schedule in recent months, the shows are few and far between, with stars getting most of their in-ring time on television. Continuing, Nash pointed out that Cargill isn’t improving her skills due to lack of ring time.

“She’s not improving. Her offense isn’t improving, her punches aren’t improving because she doesn’t get enough ring time. So what you have to do is you have to expand her horizons and make her even more formidable.”

Despite being only two years into her wrestling training, Cargill boasts an impressive record in AEW, being the company’s first TBS Champion and until recently, going undefeated in the promotion with an impressive 60 victories. However, her undefeated streak came crashing to a halt at AEW Double or Nothing, when after a successful title defense against Taya Valkyrie, she was confronted for another match with a returning Kris Statlander.

Statlander shockingly defeated Cargill to become the second-ever TBS Champion, and reports indicate that Cargill will be taking time away following her loss and could return with a “personality shift.”

Kevin Nash Believes Many AEW Stars Are Too Reckless

Continuing his criticism of All Elite Wrestling, Kevin Nash pointed out that stars not getting in-ring repetition can lead to talent being reckless.

“And that also increases the chance of f***ing — because their style is so, I’ll just use the term reckless.”

After naming Sammy Guevara as a specific example of someone executing reckless offense on a regular basis, he wondered how many times the star would be able to do such crazy offense before he misses, risking serious injury.

“How many times can he do a 55 Gainer and hit a guy perfectly going through a table or a ladder before he f***ing misses?”

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