WWE Hall Of Famer May Have Cost Himself Upcoming Appearances With The Company

WWE Hall Of Fame logo over roster WWE Hall of Famer

We might not be seeing one WWE Hall Of Famer on television any time soon despite his son being a rising star in the company.

Rick Steiner likely talked himself out of any upcoming cameos for WWE following his controversial incident during WrestleMania weekend back in April. Steiner was given the boot by WrestleCon after repeatedly making transphobic comments to IMPACT Knockout Gisele Shaw, who was also a featured talent at the event. While there were witnesses to corroborate Rick’s behavior at WrestleCon, Steiner himself confirmed it to several people Fightful spoke to in a new report. The exact details regarding Steiner’s comments are still unclear, however.

Did WWE Hall Of Famer Have A Trickle-Down Effect On Another Steiner?

Before that weekend went down, the legendary tag team champion had himself set up nicely with WWE as he was even featured on NXT television alongside Bron Breakker who was the NXT Champion at the time. However, not only did Steiner’s comments put himself in hot water, but it put Breakker in a difficult situation too as WrestleCon became a constant topic for him to address during interviews. Breakker has distanced himself from his father’s comments and thankfully for him, WWE is understanding of the young star’s predicament.

In that same report from Fightful, it’s made clear that Breakker hasn’t received any heat from WWE following the situation. That could be a clear indicator if one were to follow the NXT product as the recently heel-turned Bron was put in a World Heavyweight Title match against Seth Rollins. The two fought on the first version of NXT Gold Rush with Rollins retaining, but Bron looked competitive and got an appearance on “Raw” stemming from the storyline.