WWE Hall Of Famer Claims Logan Paul Could Be WWE Champion Material

Logan Paul WWE SummerSlam

A WWE Hall of Famer has huge praise for wrestling newcomer Logan Paul and says the YouTube star could be in the mix for the WWE Title someday.

Logan Paul might have only competed in two wrestling matches to date but the star has made a huge splash in the world of WWE. At WrestleMania 38, Paul debuted in the ring as he teamed with The Miz to defeat The Mysterios in tag team action. After the bout The Miz turned on his partner, dropping Logan Paul with a Skull Crushing Finale.

Looking for revenge Paul challenged The Miz to face him at SummerSlam and over 40,000 fans packed into the Nissan Stadium in Nashville to see Paul defeat the former WWE Champion. Logan Paul impressed on the night with his athleticism and capped off a stunning display with a frog splash from the top rope onto The Miz who lay prone on the announce table at ringside.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman [X-Pac] gave his thoughts on Logan Paul’s performance and thinks he has a big future in WWE:

“He’s a natural, man. Huge future. A lot of people can be great athletes like him, but he has like an aptitude for this, man. His timing is really good. He grasps the psychology of a match. I got nothing but praise for that guy. He could be like WWE champion material at some point. Gotta call it like you see it.”

h/t Fightful