WWE Hall Of Famer Admits They Were Jealous Of Chris Jericho

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A WWE Hall of Famer has admitted that they were jealous of Chris Jericho while he was with the company.

After years of climbing his way up the wrestling ladder, performing all over the world and hitting WCW’s famed glass ceiling, Chris Jericho arrived on Monday Night Raw on August 9th 1999.

The moment where Jericho interrupted The Rock is fondly remembered by fans as one of the greatest debuts in history, and one of the best Raw moments ever.

In the weeks after the appearance, Jericho made his in-ring bow taking on Road Dogg on SmackDown, before eventually moving into a feud with Chyna before the end of the year.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, ‘Oh… You Didn’t Know,’ Road Dogg and co-host Ryan Katz discussed the AEW star. Perhaps surprisingly, the WWE Hall of Famer admitted that he was jealous of Jericho when he joined WWE, although he explained this was more due to his addiction issues at the time, rather than anything Jericho did.

“I think he’s [Chris Jericho] done extremely well for himself. Have he and I had our differences? Yeah. Was I jealous of him also when he came into WWE back in the day and I was in active addiction? Yes, because he came in getting a push and beat me twice to do it [James laughed]. But you know, nobody’s remembering anything like that Chris. You son of a… But that’s the kind of stuff back then that bothered me and I think about it today and I’m like, oh my God. What a pathetic existent man I am, you know?”

During the episode, Road Dogg also revealed that he cried in Vince McMahon’s office when the WWE boss wanted to break up his legendary team with Billy Gunn.

H/t to POST Wrestling for the transcription.