WWE Hall Of Famer Hits Out At “Childish” CM Punk

CM Punk in a suit AEW

CM Punk returned to wrestling news recently when he shared a story on his Instagram that didn’t pain his AEW peers in a positive light.

The other day, Punk posted an Instagram story that implied there were arguments between himself and Jon Moxley. He also took that opportunity to lambast Chris Jericho and Dave Meltzer by calling them “liars” and in Jericho’s case a “stooge” as well.

Because of this contentious statement, a report came out that suggested that people within AEW are no longer confident that CM Punk will return to that company once he’s medically cleared to do so.

This latest statement has led to plenty of reactions from within the wrestling industry, including from those that aren’t part of AEW.

Booker T calls CM Punk “childish” for using insider information in Instagram post

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T tore into Punk for disparaging his own employer in a pro wrestling example of “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

“One thing about insider information and stuff like that, brother, it just goes to show me what this business is. Where you’re talking about the business, and giving all of the insider information to the fans that watch.

They’re the ones that’re writing your check. That’s the dumbest thing I could ever imagine in my life! Certain terms being used in that little soliloquy… It just amazes me how childish these guys really are.”

Additionally, Booker praised Jericho for his professionalism and completely disagreed with Punk’s assessment of the first AEW World Champion.

Booker also posited that this entire thing could still be an elaborate angle on AEW’s part because, according to him, “the way they do angles in AEW, it’s different”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription