WWE Hall Of Famer Heaps Praise On “Unique” Attraction Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar F5 to Bobby Lashley on WWE Raw

Brock Lesnar is a force to be reckoned with in WWE, and his accomplishments prove it as he had one of the longest title reigns in the company’s modern history, surpassed only by Roman Reigns.

Speaking on the latest episode of My World with Jeff Jarrett, the WWE Hall of Famer and former Intercontinental Champion praised Lesnar as a unique talent of our time, saying he’s different to anyone else on the roster or even in professional wrestling as a whole.

“I think in today’s social media digital world, and all the water under the bridge under Brock, good or bad, I think it’s gonna take a little time for people to really digest how unique of an athlete, performer, MMA fighter, professional wrestler, [and] human being Brock is.

“He had started, of course amateur wrestling, but started in professional wrestling and then got out of it and had his MMA run. Then he’s come back, and his matches are not anything like you see. But there’s a boatload of psychology behind it. Shout-out to Paul Heyman. There’s just a really good feel about it.”

Continuing, Jarrett expressed his belief that Vince McMahon allowing Lesnar to compete in MMA while under contract to WWE was smart as a way to built The Beast Incarnate’s character while WWE didn’t have to shell out the huge money for his appearances.

“I always looked at Brock, when he was in MMA, Vince is loaning him out, but what is Vince really doing? He’s just doing some character development over at this other brand because I’m gonna get him back [laughs]. I really always looked at their relationship, that Vince just said, ‘Yeah, Brock, go make your money and develop your character a little bit more, but not on my dime.'” (h/t Fightful)

Bobby Lashley Eliminated Brock Lesnar In The 2023 Royal Rumble

When Brock Lesnar made his surprise entrance in the 2023 Royal Rumble, fans inside the Alamodome were delighted. However, despite earning himself three eliminations, Lesnar was shockingly eliminated by Bobby Lashley in under three minutes. This served as retribution for Lesnar’s attack on The All-Mighty during the 30th anniversary celebration of Raw on January 23rd.

The Beast Incarnate went on a rampage after his elimination, throwing the steel ring steps onto the announce table and laying waste to Baron Corbin, who had yet to enter the ring.

On the February 6th episode of WWE Raw, Lesnar and Lashley came face to face once more, and Lesnar issued a challenge for the upcoming Elimination Chamber on February 18th. The two previously faced off at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, and Lesnar was victorious on that occasion.