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WWE Hall Of Famer Ted DiBiase Heading To NXT

Ted Dibiase

NXT just got a whole lot richer! WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase is coming to NXT

Breaking the news on Twitter, DiBiase posted a video clip of a mansion in Florida, before explaining that the best part of buying property in Orlando is he’s just a short limousine ride away from the Capitol Wrestling Center.

“You know, everyone’s telling, ‘Don’t buy property in Florida it’s too hot. There’s never a winter season.’ You know what I tell them? I’m the Million Dollar Man, and i’ll buy whatever I want. Besides, what’s another $20 million mansion in a state that has no income tax. But the best part about buying property in Orlando is it’s just a short limousine ride away from the Capitol Wrestling Center. That’s right. So Cameron Grimes, NXT Universe. I’ll see you this Tuesday on NXT.”

On the most recent of NXT, DiBiase was seen outbidding Cameron Grimes for the mansion pictured in the video as Grimes screamed that he was ruining his life.

The feud between Grimes and DiBiase began when the Hall of Famer appeared in a skit with the “Richest man in NXT.”

The topless yet top-hatted Grimes was seen shopping for the shiniest watch in all the city in a jewellery store. Once he had made his decision, after first discerning which of the gold was real and which was chocolate, DiBiase revealed himself.

DiBiase told Grimes he had picked a nice watch, but it wasn’t a million-dollar watch before giving Grimes his patented laugh.

Before his recent string of appearances with the black and gold brand, The Million Dollar Man last belted out his signature laugh on Monday Night RAW. In typical DiBiase fashion, he was seen buying the WWE 24/7 Title from Alundra Blaze. His ‘victory’ meant that it had been a record 26 years between his last and most recent title reigns.