WWE Hall Of Famer Explains Why They Didn’t Get Involved In Early TNA

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One WWE Hall Of Famer had good reason why he didn’t get involved in the early stages of TNA.

On the latest episode of “83 Weeks,” Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson celebrated 21 years of IMPACT Wrestling by going back and looking at the first weekly PPV presented by the company in 2002. While a unique concept, the unorthodox method of charging by the week for a wrestling program was not appealing to the former WCW President.

“This is the reason I had no interest in getting involved or even having much of a conversation about getting involved. To me, you’ve got to have weekly television that drives you to separate you and your cash. You have to have a weekly storyline, something that’s competelling that leads up to an event that you’re willing to pay for. Trying to create that episodic build to something big with a weekly $10 pay-per-view, I just, no.”

How The WWE Hall Of Famer Notably Got Involved With TNA

Bischoff did end up making the leap to TNA in a very “impactful” way as he and Hulk Hogan became figureheads for the brand eight years after the company’s inception. Together, Hogan and Bischoff ended up doing away with the notorious six-sided ring that was the brand’s staple at the time and brought in an influx of familiar faces from the yesteryear of WWE and WCW alike. At the time, they even began airing on Monday in an effort to rival WWE.

Bischoff is also credited with bringing in one of the brand’s most famous storylines in “Aces & Eights” and the reinvention of Bully Ray. but eventually matters began to unravel for the company and Bischoff eventually left the company in 2014.