WWE Hall Of Famer On Why They Were Disappointed To Never Wrestle Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon wrestled a number of WWE Superstars during his time in the ring but never Kurt Angle, something that disappointed the Olympic gold medalist.

The former WWE Chairman wrestled a total of 57 matches during his in-ring career, beginning with ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in April 1998 and concluding with Pat McAfee this past WrestleMania. Among the names he competed against, however, Kurt Angle isn’t there.

Angle has commented on never getting the chance to face Vince McMahon on his podcast, reportedly being dissatisfied with the fact:

“You know what? Yes, I am disappointed. Listen, Vince McMahon is money. Whenever he wrestled, fans watched, they paid to see it. They buy pay-per-views, they do a whole ball of wax. And he’s wrestled all the top Superstars, so I would love to have a match with Vince. It’s not guaranteed it’s gonna be a great match. You know, you’re gonna have a match with Vince McMahon, and you’re gonna make some money from it.”

Vince McMahon’s storied in-ring run wasn’t all it’s made out to be, with opponents such as Mideon and Zach Gowen making for meaningless encounters. However, a good Vince McMahon was always a sight to behold, as proven against Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels.

Though many thought the former ECW World Champion was retired after losing to Bret Hart at WrestleMania 26, he surprisingly returned to the squared circle to beat Pat McAfee on night two of ‘Mania 38. His Stunner sell from Steve Austin post-match, however, is what most will recall.

Kurt Angle, meanwhile, hasn’t competed since April 2019, losing his retirement at the 35th WrestleMania to Baron Corbin. He’d returned to WWE two years earlier, headlining the 2017 Hall of Fame class and serving as the Raw General Manager.

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