WWE Hall Of Famer Compares Logan Paul To Shane McMahon

Logan Paul & Ricochet

Logan Paul returned to WWE on the June 19th episode of Monday Night Raw where he revealed the next item on his professional wrestling bucket list.

On the show, Paul announced that he had been invited to take part in the men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match and he would be doing just that. When you’re a YouTube sensation, the small matter of qualifying matches is irrelevant.

During the segment, Paul was confronted by five of his opponents and a brawl broke out, mainly due to Butch ignoring the promo train and simply hitting the star in the face. As the fight erupted, Paul launched himself over the top rope onto his rivals, before posing with the Money In The Bank briefcase at the top of a ladder.

Paul has shown in his previous matches that he’s not afraid to completely throw caution to the wind, and himself through an announce table or two. Looking ahead to his next appearance, Ric Flair believes that this daredevil streak will continue.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, the Nature Boy said that Paul reminds him of Shane McMahon before recalling his own very short history with Ladder Matches.

“I expect he’ll try, he reminds me of Shane McMahon. He’s not afraid of anything. So I think he’ll be a great contribution. I mean, those Ladder Matches are tough. You know, I took a lot of bumps in[those], and I’ve only been in a couple of them. But I don’t give them. But guys, I mean, you know once again after watching Jeff Hardy and Jeff Hardy and Edge, it’s hard to think but I can remember that spear off the ladder to this day.

It’s like Mick Foley going through the cage and landing on the back of his head. There are just some bumps you never forget. But as far as Jake [Ric mans Logan] is involved, I’m sure that he’ll give them all the pain he gives them and more.”

Logan Paul Backs Himself To Win Money In The Bank

During his promo on Raw, Logan Paul took aim at just about every famous sportsperson he could think of from Cleveland, calling them losers. In fact, he pretty much tore the city down. Speaking after the show, the star admitted that this puts more pressure on him to win in London, although he has no doubts he’ll get the job done and go on to become World Champion.

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