WWE Hall Of Famer Claims Bobby Lashley Lacks “Killer Instinct”

Bobby Lashley

While Bobby Lashley was always considered a big star with WWE, his career began to kick into another gear by late 2020. This change in momentum saw his WWE career hit a new high in early 2021 when he won the WWE Championship.

Since then Lashley has been a regular fixture at the top of the card on Monday Night Raw, most recently feuding with Brock Lesnar. The All-Mighty overcame Lesnar at the 2022 Royal Rumble via an assist from Roman Reigns, before losing out to The Beast at Crown Jewel in November.

The pair renewed hostilities on the 30th-anniversary edition of Raw on January 30th when Lesnar returned to cost his rival the United States Title. Lesnar again attacked Lashley on SmackDown, but the All-Mighty got revenge at the Royal Rumble eliminating the former UFC star.

Bobby Lashley Is A “Sweetheart”

During a recent episode of his podcast, Kilq This, legendary big man Kevin Nash was asked why he feels Lashley has never been seen as “the guy” despite seemingly having all of the tools at his disposal. Nash said that while Lashley is a “sweetheart” he seems to be missing something before comparing him to Lesnar.

“I love Bobby, he’s a sweetheart. He just always seems to be missing something. I don’t know what it is. Maybe [in response to Oliver asking if he meant Lashley’s promo skills]. I think he across to me like he is a nice guy. He’s not a killer. Bobby Lashley’s just not a killer. He’s a nice fucking guy. Brock Lesnar, he’s a nice guy, [but] he just has that something in him. Yeah [when Oliver says ‘Danger’]. Bobby Lashley, if you said, ‘Please, I’ve had enough,’ I think Bobby would stop. I think Brock would stomp you two more times,”

Kevin Nash recently revealed that he was asked to appear on Raw 30 but turned down the offer from Bruce Prichard.

H/t to Fightful