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WWE Hall of Famer Says Chris Benoit Nearly Broke His Neck

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A WWE Hall of Famer says he was lucky to escape serious injury during a match with controversial wrestling star Chris Benoit.

Kurt Angle has had his fair share of in-ring rivalries throughout his WWE Hall of Fame career. One of his most famous rivals from the early 2000s was Chris Benoit. The two men competed over several championships in the company with perhaps their most famous bout coming at Royal Rumble 2003 for the WWE Championship.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic gold medallist discussed another bout between the pair that took place in a steel cage live on Raw in 2001. According to Kurt Angle, he was lucky to escape the match without serious injury following a massive suplex from the top rope:

“You know what? I took a German suplex from Chris Benoit on the top rope in a cage match. I landed right on my head. I should have broken my neck and had a concussion. I don’t know how I survived through that.”

“Chris Benoit threw a German suplex on me, and I landed right on the back of my head, literally five feet below. So, we were up high on the top rope, leaning on the cage, and he German suplexed me in the middle of the ring. I mean, I landed right on my head!”

Kurt Angle also recently recalled a scary situation that occurred in TNA involving a baseball bat that left Sting needing stitches.

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