WWE Hall Of Famer Calls On WWE To Introduce Mid-Card Women’s Title

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As of April 29, 2023, WWE has sixteen active championships across its three brands. This includes the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, which is still represented by two different title belts, each with its own unique history.

This number does not, however, include the World Heavyweight Championship that Triple H introduced a few days ago. That title is not yet active because the inaugural champion will not be determined until Night of Champions later in May.

Once that title becomes active, it’ll become the seventeenth title defended in WWE. but if Booker T gets his way, there will be an eighteenth one as well.

Booker T proposed secondary women’s title in WWE

Speaking to Fox News, Booker T explained why he thinks that WWE’s women’s division should have a secondary singles championship.

“We should have a mid-card belt for the ladies, almost like a television championship where it’s not competing with the Women’s NXT Championship, just to give someone else a little bit of a rub, a little bit of shine, as well as a little bit of something to work for because it always gonna be a while before you work your way to that big goal.”

As of this writing, five of the aforementioned sixteen active titles are women’s titles:

  • The RAW Women’s Championship, currently held by Bianca Belair
  • The SmackDown Women’s Championship, currently held by Rhea Ripley
  • The NXT Women’s Championship, currently held by Indi Hartwell
  • The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, currently held by Raquel Rodriguez & Liv Morgan
  • The NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship, currently held by Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn

h/t Fightful for the transcription