WWE Hall Of Famer Calls For WWE To Turn Cody Rhodes Heel

Amanda Huber Reacts To Cody Rhodes Incredible WrestleMania 39 Entrance WWE Raw

At WrestleMania 39 Cody Rhodes fell short in his bid to become the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Ever since returning to WWE, Rhodes has spoken of his desire to become WWE Champion and win the World Title that eluded his father. This led many to believe that there could only be one winner at WrestleMania. However, Roman Reigns once again retained the gold and is now moving ever closer to his 1000th day as World Champion.

While opinion has been divided over the result of the match, Kevin Nash explained on his podcast Kliq This, that he feels WWE made the right call.

“My point on this show, maybe two or three weeks earlier, was I didn’t think Roman was going to go. When you have 950 days behind somebody, you’ve gotta get to 1,000. You have to. If you were in charge, if baseball was a work, you would definitely make sure somebody surpasses Bonds’ 73 home runs. You’d book that,”

Nash added that he believes WWE will turn Rhodes heel.

“It was like when Orndorff was with Hogan. You could see that there was friction, and you knew that Orndorff was gonna turn on Hogan. It was just a matter of when. I think that’s what they’re gonna do with Cody. The money is always gonna be with the babyface chasing the belt.”

When asked if he would turn Rhodes heel when he wins the World Championship, Nash confirmed he would.

“Yes. I don’t mean this as any slight to anybody, but I look at people’s pops, and people’s pops during the start of my career to this past Sunday. You could take everybody, you could take Hogan, Rock, Shawn, Taker, Bret, Roman, Cody, put them all in a basket, and put them in the ring, and then have Austin’s f*cking glass break, and when sh*t was in his wheelhouse, and there was nothing as electric and as that f*cking [pop] because he was the real deal. He was every man’s champion. That was my boy, man. That was my friend. I would watch that, I’d be so f*cking proud, like fuck yeah.”

Cody Rhodes Heading For Hollywood?

Although Cody Rhodes’ star in WWE has arguably never shone brighter, it seems he has ambitions outside of the squared circle. A recent report has revealed that around WrestleMania 39, Rhodes attended meetings in Los Angeles about potential acting roles in film and television.

Back in WWE, Brock Lesnar will be on the April 17th edition of Raw to answer the challenge laid down by Rhodes for a match at Backlash.

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