WWE Hall Of Famer Breaks Down Major Factor Holding Bray Wyatt Back

Bray Wyatt on the mic

As his career has progressed, Bray Wyatt has become one of the most divisive performers in modern WWE.

While some fans love his supernatural character, wildly obscure promos, and storylines that make him immediately stand out from the rest of the roster, others claim that he rarely if ever delivers in the ring and his unusual storylines make little sense.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed Wyatt’s role in WWE and what he feels has held the star back. The WWE Hall of Famer suggested that Wyatt’s inability to capitalise on his spooky character when the bell rings has been a big limiting factor.

“This Firefly Funhouse thing and the magic, you can only take it so far,” Booker said. “The fans are looking to see a good match. That’s what this business has been predicated on since day one, storylines is always been great, but the payoffs.”

While Booker acknowledged that The Undertaker made a supernatural style of character work, he said this was because he was able to put on better matches from a purely in-ring perspective.

“I think that’s the problem that Bray Wyatt has had, being that magical creature and not being able to go out there and, I wouldn’t even call them five-star matches or anything like that, but just really good matches,” Booker said. “I think that’s what’s held Bray Wyatt back more than anything.”

Bray Wyatt No Longer Listed On WWE Roster

Bray Wyatt’s name has been back in the news in recent days after it was reported that he is no longer listed on any of WWE’s internal rosters.

Since returning to WWE in October 2022, Wyatt has only wrestled one match on television and that came in the divisive Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match at the Royal Rumble against LA Knight. In fact, the star has only wrestled 12 times in total since re-signing with the company.

Wyatt hasn’t appeared on WWE television in person since the February 17th episode of SmackDown where he announced he would be coming for the winner of the match between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley 24 hours later at Elimination Chamber.

It was reported in the lead-up to WrestleMania that Wyatt was dealing with an undisclosed illness.

H/t to Wrestling Inc