WWE Hall of Famer Brands Shawn Michaels A “Loose Cannon”

Shawn Michaels

A former WWE Hall of Famer has described Shawn Michaels as a “loose cannon” whilst discussing ‘Mr. WrestleMania’s’ backstage problems.

Shawn Michaels is arguably the most talented performer in the history of WWE, but according to one former colleague, he wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with. Something that really came to the fore during 1997 and 1998.

Another man who was toward the top of WWE during this period was Mick Foley.

Speaking on his Foley is Pod podcast, Foley talked about WrestleMania XIV and how there was “ample concern” Michaels wouldn’t do business. So much so that The Undertaker was ready to attack the WWE Champ.

At the event, HBK was due to lose the WWE (WWF) Championship to Steve Austin in a match featuring Mike Tyson at ringside. However, with the match coming just months after the Montreal Screw Job at Survivor Series 1997, some of the biggest names in the company were fearful Michaels would refuse to drop the Championship to Austin.

“I didn’t know about [The Undertaker taping his fists] until afterward,”

“Shawn was a consummate performer though… He’ll be the first to admit there was a good and a bad Shawn, even good Shawn did those overdramatic bumps against Hogan.”

“He was a little bit of a loose cannon so I think there would be ample concern [about his match]”

Shawn Michaels Wanted DX To Thrive After WrestleMania Loss

Foley won the WWE Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania XIV, performing as Cactus Jack and teaming with Chainsaw Charlie, better known as the legendary Terry Funk.

The pair were victorious in a dumpster match over the New Age Outlaws. The following night the New Age Outlaws and a returning Sean Waltman (X-Pac), were recruited by Triple H and Chyna to join DX.

Shawn Michaels had been the leader of DX since its creation, causing mayhem alongside The Game and the Ninth Wonder Of The World. But after losing the WWE Championship, Michaels retired.

Mick Foley feels that Shawn wanted to ensure his best friend Triple H and the DX faction would continue to succeed, and that fear of the group failing may have influenced Michaels backstage difficulties.

“I think it’s telling that he wanted to leave what he created, DX, in as strong a position as possible and he got upset when he thought that would not be the case.”

Shawn Michaels currently works as WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, guiding the next generation of stars in NXT.

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