WWE Hall Of Famer Blasts “Stupid” AEW Decision To Bring Back CM Punk

CM Punk AEW World Champion

CM Punk appears to be on his way back to AEW, but not everyone can see what all of the fuss is about.

On April 13th it was reported that the “wheels are in motion” for a return that could happen on or around AEW Dynamite on June 21st in Chicago. Furthermore, AEW is reportedly set to launch a new Saturday night television show. It is believed that this will enable a roster split with Punk heading up the new show. The split will act as a way of easing locker room tension by keeping those who don’t get on apart.

Speaking on his podcast, Strictly Business, Eric Bischoff had little faith in the idea. The former WCW boss wished all involved good luck, claiming they’ll get what they deserve.

“Good luck, you deserve whatever you get. Turner, you’re a frickin’ mess, you’re not the company you used to be.

There’s executives in that company that couldn’t find their ass with both hands and a compass when it comes to making a good decision if this is the direction that they’re going. Good frickin’ luck.”

With regard to the news that the roster split is, at least in part, being done to aid with the return of CM Punk, Bischoff pulled no punches. The WWE Hall of Famer referred to Punk as a “cancer,” adding that it’s “stupid” to bring back someone who has had such a negative impact on morale in the past.

“It’s no different than any other work environment, if you’ve got somebody who’s a cancer, if you’ve got somebody who constantly rubbing people the wrong way, creating a negative environment, creating hostility, dividing people within the team, why have him around? That’s not going to create anything, it’s just stupid.

Yes, it does create bad morale, it does. Bad morale, whether it’s in a wrestling locker room or office environment or anywhere else is not productive, it’s counterproductive, why do it? This guy’s not saving anything, he’s not going to turn AEW’s business around.”

Eric Bischoff Wouldn’t Book CM Punk For AEW All In

Many fans have suggested that CM Punk’s return couldn’t come at a better time. In just four months, and two months after Punk is planned to return, the company will head to the United Kingdom for the first time ever. Not only that, they will be doing so in style, hosting All In at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

Despite Punk’s name value and star power, Bischoff claimed that he wouldn’t book the former World Champion for the show even if he was available.

H/t to Wrestling Inc