WWE Hall of Famer Blasts “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry’s AEW Forbidden Door Performance

Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy Jack Perry caught a lot of buzz after Sunday’s Forbidden Door PPV, both good and bad.

Perry pulled off a memorable heel turn after his IWGP World Title loss to SANADA during the middle of the show. Perry had a supportive Hook in his corner during the fight and even after the loss, the FTW Champion held his friend’s hand high before Perry clotheslined him on the stage. That one looked like a sure solid shot, but Eric Bischoff double-barreled JB with some harsh criticism about his work in the ring.

“Watching the Forbidden Door PPV so we can cover it tomorrow on 83 Weeks. Here’s a teaser: Jungle Boy couldn’t crack an egg with a hammer. WTF?”

Could The Heel Turn Be A Fresh Start For “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry?

Bischoff has been an unabashed critic of the AEW product, but has also had his moments of high praise for the company, including the recent premiere of “AEW Collision.” Perry will have plenty of opportunity to show a new side to himself as he’s always played the good guy babyface since he started in AEW.

The company has been planting seeds for a heel turn for him after he’s suffered some tough losses and was even tempted to cheat during his AEW World Title match at Double Or Nothing. Perry did give preview to where his next feud should be going as after he shocked the world with his lariat on Hook, he expressed an interest in his FTW gold.

As for Bischoff, he also just underwent a drastic change as he got his head shaved over the weekend to benefit St. Jude’s Childern Hospital on behalf of AdFreeShows.com’s “Top Guy Weekend.”