WWE Hall Of Famer Blasts CM Punk As “Worse” Than Hulk Hogan

Steve Austin Hulk Hogan

While Eric Bischoff has never been afraid to criticise AEW or CM Punk, his distaste for the former WWE star went to a new level when he spoke negatively about Hulk Hogan.

After Punk criticised Hogan, Bischoff openly admitted that he lost all respect for the AEW star, claiming that his comments burying Hogan were nothing but “cheap heat.”

In more recent weeks Bischoff has questioned why AEW has seemingly made such an effort to bring CM Punk back into the fold, although that deal now appears to hang in the balance.

While discussing the latest developments in the Punk and AEW saga on his Strictly Business podcast, Bischoff said that while the star and others like to say Hogan is selfish, he’s even worse.

“All these hardcore wrestling fans and Punk himself is so anti-Hogan because [they think] he’s selfish and whatnot. Punk’s worse!”

Bischoff then went on to question why AEW has gone so far to try and bring Punk back when there are unresolved legal issues still in play.

“There is no clear meeting of the minds here,” Bischoff added. “It [legal issues] has not been cleared up, and yet we’re moving forward with this big announcement. That is a total, abject failure on the part of the business side of AEW and quite frankly, TBS. Did they check what was going on? They were certainly aware of all the drama and legal issues.”

Hulk Hogan Unlikely To Wrestle Again

Speaking in a recent interview Conrad Thompson discussed rumours that Hulk Hogan could be about to launch his own comeback and form part of Goldberg’s retirement tour. However, the ‘Pod Father’ dismissed this speculation, noting that Hogan is “probably done” when it comes to wrestling.

Hogan hasn’t wrestled a match of any kind since competing in a six-man tag team match for TNA at a live event in Manchester, England in January 2012. The star’s last match for WWE came six years earlier when he saw off Randy Orton has SummerSlam 2006.

H/t to Wrestling Inc