WWE Hall Of Famer Believes AEW Are Making A Mistake In Working With CM Punk

CM Punk

CM Punk continues to be the name on everyone’s lips as fans await his potential return to AEW, but WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff believes the company are making a mistake in catering to the star.

Back in April, it was reported that Punk would make his way back to All Elite Wrestling for the first time since being suspended and stripped of the AEW World Championship after his participation in the now-infamous brawl after All Out. It was expected that he would be central to the announcement of the company’s new Saturday night program called Collision, but when the Collision announcement was made official on May 17th, Punk’s name was nowhere to be seen.

It later emerged that Punk was once again at odds with his employer over the return of his longtime friend and trainer Ace Steel, who was fired after an investigation into the All Out brawl. During the melee, Steel was said to have thrown a chair at Nick Jackson and bit Kenny Omega.

The backstage figure was reportedly rehired by AEW several months ago with the understanding that he would be able to return to the road when Collision was up and running, but just ahead of the big announcement, the company made the decision that he would not be at Collision tapings in person after all. This decision drove a wedge between Punk and AEW, and his return once again seemed in doubt.

The latest reports indicate that Punk has had productive conversations with the company, and more will be revealed when Tony Khan announces Collision’s debut location on the May 24th episode of Dynamite.

Eric Bischoff Believes CM Punk Made Tony Khan Look Like A “D*****bag”

Speaking on the latest episode of 83 Weeks, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff addressed the situation surrounding Punk’s return, questioning why the company would want to bring him back when he’s caused so much trouble and made company president Tony Khan look foolish.

“Let’s just step back. CM Punk eviscerates Tony Khan and the entire roster, and the brand in a press conference. Totally makes Tony Khan look like a walking, talking douchebag, as well as dumping all over the roster, the company as a whole in a very, very public way to probably one of your top big guys, if not, your top big guy.

“And then, there’s a fight. There’s all of the legal drama that’s going on as a result of the physical confrontation. And then we’re gonna bring him back and make him a focal point of an entirely new show, but he decides to sh*t the bed because his confidant isn’t allowed to be on TV or isn’t allowed in the venue. Who cares? Let CM Punk pay him.”

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