WWE Hall Of Famer Admits They Didn’t Know Who Becky Lynch Was Until Finding Her Social Media Posts

Becky Lynch entrance

Becky Lynch didn’t have the easiest road to superstardom with a head injury and subsequent six-year hiatus almost derailing her career before it properly began.

However, after signing with WWE in 2013, the would-be megastar was sent to NXT and began her slow rise to the top of the company. The Irishwoman became part of the Four Horsewomen alongside Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Bayley, leading the ‘Women’s Revolution.’ While the four women helped reshape the landscape of women’s wrestling in WWE, Lynch didn’t initially hit the heights of both Banks and Flair. But that all changed in 2018.

After losing out on the SmackDown Women’s Title at SummerSlam in a Triple Threat Match involving Charlotte Flair and Carmella, Lynch attacked Flair to turn heel. However, the fans quickly got behind her new character and Lynch became known as “The Man,” taking WWE by storm in the role of anti-hero. This run saw Lynch become arguably the biggest star in the entire company.

Eric Bischoff Didn’t Know Who Becky Lynch Was Until Finding Her On Social Media

As well as her exploits in the ring, Lynch also became known for her prowess on social media, which she often used to ramp up her on-screen rivalries. Speaking in a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Eric Bischoff revealed that it was through social media that he found out who Lynch was.

“What makes it fascinating for me looking in from the outside is that I love how some talents are using social media effectively, and some talents aren’t. That surprises me, because wrestlers are normally pretty good at figuring out ways to, you know, stay relevant and get themselves over. Becky Lynch,

I didn’t know who Becky Lynch was until I came across a couple of her social media posts on Twitter, this is back in 2018. I went wow, that’s pretty good, I’m gonna check her out. All of a sudden I am tuning into Monday Night Raw or whatever she was on at the time. I am tuning in to watch Becky Lynch, who I only knew about because I was really intrigued by how well she used social media.”

During the conversation Bischoff opened up about his recent spat with Ric Flair. The former Raw General Manager said that he had been blindsided by the issues, but was now looking to move on.

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