WWE Hall Of Famer Backs WWE’s New Title Designs

Rhea Ripley on WWE Raw

One WWE Hall Of Famer knows how Triple H thinks and it coincides with the new look for all the WWE Titles.

Road Dogg Brian James is no stranger to holding WWE gold as the multi-time Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion and Hardcore Champion has a resume well fit for the Attitude Era. On the latest episode of “Oh…You Didn’t Know?” James was asked about what his thoughts were with WWE introducing new gold for their champions.

“Look, I think it’s exactly what Hunter has always been, a traditionalist. From his training with Kowalski to his mentoring by Flair to his, everything he’s done has been with respect to tradition in this industry. And so I think these are, but you can’t just copy another title that was good. You don’t just go like, ‘Oh, the people love that one.’ No, you have to be the innovator.

What WWE Hall Of Famer Road Dogg Personally Thinks Of The New Design

Since this recording took place, Rhea Ripley even received the new WWE Women’s World Championship, which very much resembles Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight gold, but all that lines up with James’ personal opinion on the fresh new look for WWE’s most notable hardware.

“I love the new titles. They’re huge. They’re beautiful. But yet, they’re big and plain, too. And I think that tradition, Look, we all went the way of the big eagle and the big spinner and the big this and the big that. I think these go back to what a championship title looks like. And that’s my opinion. And I’m sure the Internet will hate me for that too. Guess what we’re recording, it’s Sunday. So you can hate me all day today. Tomorrow is Monday. You can hate me that day too.