WWE Hall Of Famer Offers Advice To Shotzi Following Online Abuse


A WWE Hall of Famer has come to the defence of Shotzi following the online abuse she received after competing at Money In The Bank.

Shotzi was one of several superstars who competed in this year’s women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. The SmackDown superstar made some mistakes in the match which caused many to criticize her performance online. This led to the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion deleting her social media accounts amidst the abuse.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has offered some encouragement to the young superstar on his Hall of Fame show. The five-time WCW Champion advised her to learn from her mistakes and not take online criticism too seriously.

“My advice to Shotzi is, ‘You get right back up on that horse, you cannot let the internet world distract you from going out there and being you.’ Mistakes are something that have always made, I think – we’ve talked about me forgetting spots.

“That’s just part of the business. For me, I would tell Shotzi, ‘Do not let the haters get in your head because of the wrestling business is all about mistakes and hopefully learning from them.'”

Alexa Bliss also came out in defence of Shotzi, saying that the criticism she has gotten since Money In The Bank is why she doesn’t like using Twitter. As for Shotzi herself, she continues to be a talent to watch on the SmackDown roster.

H/t – Sportskeeda