WWE Hall Of Famer Now Unable To Speak Directly To Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

A WWE legend has revealed that they are unable to speak to Vince McMahon directly after the former Chairman was forced to hand in his company phone.

After signing with WWE in 1998 and moving to the main roster a year later, Kurt Angle developed a strong relationship with Vince McMahon. The pair worked together on television numerous times with Angle becoming one of McMahon’s most trusted top performers.

While there was a falling out between the two when Angle left the company in 2006, they later reconciled with the former World Champion being inducted into the Hall of Fame and returning to television.

However, Angle has been unable to speak with his former boss since McMahon retired from WWE on July 22nd. McMahon left his position as CEO and Chairman of the Board amidst a series of allegations of sexual misconduct which led to an internal investigation.

Speaking in a new interview on “The Wrassingh Show” Angle has revealed that he had reached out to McMahon but didn’t get a response. He later discovered that this was due to the billionaire being forced to hand in his company phone, leaving Angle to try and pass a message through Stephanie McMahon.

“I just talked to Stephanie (McMahon) a couple of weeks ago because I couldn’t get a hold of Vince anymore. I’d imagine that he had to turn in his company phone and that was the only way I could get a hold of him. I had his number and I would call him here and there. I’d talk to him and see how he was doing and I texted him a couple of times after he left and he never responded.

I found out that they did take the company phone from him, so I don’t have any way of getting a hold of him. But Stephanie told me she would talk to Vince and he would reach out to me. I’m still waiting though.”

During the same interview Kurt Angle also disclosed that there have been talks around him appearing at WrestleMania 39.

H/t to SEScoops for the transcription.