WWE Hall Of Famer Calls Chris Jericho A “Shawn Michaels Wanna Be”

Chris Jericho Shawn Michaels

One multi-time WWE Hall of Famer thinks Chris Jericho is only a living legend in his “own mind.”

There’s no doubt that Chris Jericho has made his mark on the wrestling business, consistently reinventing himself to be a relevant character in the promotion he’s working for at the time.

In fact, Jericho is adamant that he’ll always believe in his most recent incarnation as the best, because citing past characters as his favorite would diminish his current work.

Despite Jericho being a multi-time champion in many promotions throughout the world, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair had harsh words for AEW’s resident wizard on social media, saying he’ll never live up to Flair’s legacy. He accused the former Y2J of only being a living legend in his own mind, and indicated that he’ll never live up to the legacy of Shawn Michaels either.

“Living Legend In Your Own Mind. Shawn Michaels Wanna Be. Ric Flair Never Will Be. WOOOOO! Where Did You Buy That Cheap Suit? Obviously Not From @GentsPlaybook”

Though he’s had serious health concerns in recent years, the Nature Boy is set to enter the squared circle one more time as part of Starrcast in Nashville for an event dubbed Ric Flair’s Last Match.