WWE “Had Plans” To Hire AEW Star Harley Cameron

Harley Cameron in AEW

Harley Cameron recently signed a full-time contract with AEW.

The Australian star joined the company in July after debuting in 2022 but her wrestling journey could’ve been quite different as she was, at one point, on WWE’s radar.

The interest came from her friendship with Shotzi and Scarlett, who have appeared in several music videos together. In 2021 the trio collaborated on a song called Indestructible before doing so once again when they covered the 1956 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins hit I Put A Spell On You. She also collaborated with Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay for their entrance theme during their time as the IInspiration in IMPACT! Wrestling.

The friendship led to Cameron becoming more involved in the wrestling industry, which in turn led to her training for in-ring competition and eventually becoming All Elite.

Cameron first appeared on AEW programming on an episode of Dark facing Willow Nightingale in only her second-ever match. She continued to wrestle for promotions like SHINE and WrestlePro before returning to Dark and then to a full-time contract.

Upon signing for AEW Cameron is part of the QT Marshall-led group known as QTV where she has got to showcase her musical talents. She recently released a Hip-Hop video during her group’s feud with the Acclaimed, which went viral.

Harley Cameron Revealed She Nearly Joined WWE Before Becoming All Elite

Cameron was a guest on Talk is Jericho and revealed that World Wrestling Entertainment missed the opportunity to hire her due to releasing the people involved in the process.

“I can just say that there was plans for me to go to another company (WWE), and then that company decided to release a lot of people who were all involved in the process,” Cameron explained. “But thanks to them, I learned how to wrestle and I ended up getting my green card. So, thanks, guys. You missed the boat.”

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