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Former WWE Announcer Greg Hamilton Says He “Should Be Dead” After Horror Car Crash

Greg Hamilton

Greg Hutson, better known as Greg Hamilton, has revealed that he “should be dead” after his car was hit by a truck and thrown into a ditch.

Former WWE ring announcer Greg Hamilton, real name Greg Hutson has taken to social media to share images of the car crash which nearly cost him his life.

In the post on Instagram, Hutson posted a photograph of his destroyed vehicle, writing that first responders who attended the scene believed they would be removing “a body” from the wreckage. He continued, describing the details of the terrifying incident which saw him get hit by a truck, flipped three times, thrown into a ditch upside down and left for dead.

“It’s taken me a while to post this….I should be dead according to every first responder. They thought they were removing a “body”.

Weeks ago, I was hit by a moving truck. Tossed 3 times into a ditch on the side of the road, upside down and left for dead.
I’m alive.

I no longer care about fame, announcing, anything. That person died in that accident. #RIP
But my life is forever changed. I don’t know what’s next….but if you need help in any way, I’m here. I don’t know what’s next for me; I don’t know what I can even do.
But, I do know that if you need support; I can do that.

Japanese culture paints gold on broken pieces to signify repair. I refuse to fold. Let’s paint GOLD.
I’m rehabilitating…..you can too. Mentally and emotionally. Let’s do It together.”

Greg Hamilton left WWE in October 2021 after he threatened to use “WWE lawyers” to sue Griselda rapper Westside Gunn in a series of now deleted Instagram messages.

Hamilton accused the rapper of “stealing” his voice, before threatening to use WWE lawyers to sue the rapper.

Greg Hamilton joined WWE in 2015, performing as a ring announcer on the main roster since 2016. The announcer later removed WWE from his Twitter handle and made his account private before confirming his departure. Writing on social media, the announcer described his exit as “mutual.”