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WWE Reportedly Focusing On “Looks” For Prospective Female Signings

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According to a new report, WWE will be taking into consideration how “good looking” potential female signings are before adding them to the roster.

2021 has been a year of incredible change for WWE both on the main roster and in NXT. While the company has trimmed their roster significantly, there has also been a number of changes made to the developmental system.

NXT has undergone a substantial revamp, receiving a new set, logo and theme music, along with the addition of numerous new Superstars and more ‘character based’ performers. WWE’s approach to recruitment has also shifted. It was recently reported that the focus will be on signing athletes under the age of 25, while it has previously been noted that they wanted “no more midgets”

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has now reported that the looks of prospective female stars will be taken into account. Meltzer reaffirmed the changes in policy before commenting on the shift in focus for female athletes.

“The idea for women and guys is different. For guys, they’re wanting bigger athletes. For women, it’s looks, or if you have something unique to offer. Even on the indie thing, if someone’s like, really super on the indies, it’s not like WWE won’t hire them, but they’re not looking at the 5’9” guys or the 5’7” guys anymore. But if you come from the Indies but you’re 6’3”, yeah, they’ll look at you, and if you’re a woman and you’re ‘good looking’, you know, whatever.”

Regarding the news that Ring Of Honor Women’s Champion Rok-C recently attended a try-out, Meltzer adds that a number of other women who’ve appeared on AEW Dark were also present.

“Rok-C, who was the ROH Women’s Champion, was at the try-outs, and a couple of women who worked for AEW – a lot of them on Dark, not necessarily the main roster – they are at the try-outs right now.”

The report comes after WWE signed 15 college athletes in December as part of their new NIL program. The company say that the program “serves to recruit and develop potential future Superstars and further enhances WWE’s talent development process through collaborative partnerships with college athletes from diverse athletic backgrounds.”

H/t toWhat Culture for the transcription.