WWE Files Trademark For Attitude Era Show Livewire

Vince McMahon Livewire

WWE has been busy filing numerous trademarks for its wrestler’s names, concepts and shows of late, and added a few more to that ever-expanding list last week, including 90s show Livewire.

Including in the filings first reported by Wrestling Inc were WWE Main Event (the existing D-show on the WWE Network) and The Game (which appears to be a renewal of Triple H’s nickname for merchandise use).

By far the most intriguing trademark is that of Livewire, the oft-controversial Attitude Era show that ran from 1996 to 2001 and was hosted by the likes of Todd Pettengill, Sunny, Jim Ross, Michael ‘Dok Hendrix’ Hayes, Vince Russo and even Vince McMahon.

The format changed several times over the five years the show was on the air, but without a doubt it was at its most interesting when serving as a live and unscripted phone-in show where WWE would break kayfabe and talk openly about the industry.

In 1997, Russo famously gave away the winner of the upcoming Royal Rumble, declaring that Bret Hart was guaranteed to win the match. Unhappy that the planned result had been revealed, WWE instead changed the booking to put Steve Austin over in controversial fashion.

In an era before behind the scenes documentaries, shoot interviews and podcasts, the show was groundbreaking for its time and fascinating to watch.

One such memorable episode on October 5 1996 saw Vince McMahon answer fan questions (imagine that today), talk candidly about Ted Turner and argue on the phone with “Bruce from Connecticut” which turned out to be ECW chief Paul Heyman.

The language in the Livewire trademark does lead to the remote possibility of the show making a return – which would be fascinating if it was a no holds barred unscripted call-in show – but the more likely reason behind it is so WWE can add Livewire to the WWE Network.

Either way, we are excited about both possibilities.

***UPDATE*** Fightful is reporting that WWE also filed for the following trademarks on October 9:

  • Ashante Adonis
  • Desmond Troy
  • Skull King
  • Flash Morgan Webster
  • Ilja Dragunov
  • Isla Dawn
  • Jack Starz
  • WWE Saturday Morning Slam

The latter was a series that aired on CW from 2012-13 largely featuring zany antics and comedy matches geared towards a younger audience. It is assumed that WWE is filing the trademark so the show can air on the WWE Network in the near future.