WWE Fan Cosplays As Rob Van Dam On New York Subway In Hilarious Video

Rob Van Dam Hall of Fame

Wrestling fans are a passionate bunch. Some of them take their appreciation and fandom to greater heights by dressing up as their favorite wrestlers in public. On some occasions, said cosplaying fans have even been seen on WWE’s own shows.

And then there are the biggest fans, who take cosplaying to new heights by doing the one thing wrestling companies always advises against doing: copying what’s seen in the ring.

But this wasn’t a case of a fan doing something incredibly dangerous or life-threatening to show toughness. Instead, it was a light-hearted video aimed at making a boring subway ride in New York City a bit livelier as “Rob Van Dam” made a surprise appearance.

The 26-second video uploaded to Twitter shows a fan wearing an RVD singlet and entering the subway car to the wrestler’s “One Of A Kind” entrance theme used during his WWE run.

As the crowd chants “R-V-D”, another fan lies on the ground and “Rob Van Dam” performs his patented Rolling Thunder onto his supine victim.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an authentic Rob Van Dam video without some sort of object being broken. That’s why the next part of the video cuts to this same cosplaying fan jumping/diving onto another fan on a breakable table which was somehow available on a busy NYC subway.

What has the real Rob Van Dam been up to lately?

RVD the wrestler is still active as of this writing. He has been spending most of his time wrestling on the independent circuit and even made all the way to Japan for a Pro Wrestling NOAH/Cyberfight show back in June 2022.

He was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2021.