WWE Executive On Fans Leaving Early – “We Got Your Money, That’s What We’re Shooting For”

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WWE has stated for decades that it listens to its fanbase and takes their reactions at live events into account, although that didn’t always go to plan.

Vince McMahon was known to back his favourites regardless, Daniel Bryan found success in spite of the company’s booking and McMahon once made sure a match stayed on the card as he knew fans hated it.

Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, Oh You Didn’t Know, Road Dogg gave this thoughts on fan reactions at live events, and whether it matters if they leave early. The episode looked back at Backlash 2018, which was given a particulary frosty reception by fans in the area.

The show featured a number of lacustre matches including a WrestleMania rematch between AJ Styles and a newly heel Shinsuke Nakamura.

Road Dogg said that while fans leaving bothered him personally, for a business perspective, the company has already got fans’ money and that’s what they were aiming for.

“Look, truth be told it bothered me. I don’t know if it bothers him [Vince] personally. I can’t imagine from a businessman’s point of view, which is why how I tried to look at it, but my personal feelings get in the way all the time.

But like, it’s the first thing I said was you paid your money, like you paid that, you can do, and John Cena used to say that the best, you paid your money, you can do anything you want to when you come in here, I mean, within reason.

You can leave, you can chant this thing, you can chant that thing, you can do whatever you want, or turn your back, but we got your money. And that’s what we were shooting for.”

WWE Heading To Puerto Rico For Backlash 2023

While the 2018 edition of Backlash fell flat, WWE will be hoping for a better result on May 6th when the event heads to Puerto Rico. The card is topped by the San Juan Street Fight between Damian Priest and Bad Bunny, and clash between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar.

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