WWE Executive Says Company Is Branching Out Into New Category

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A WWE SVP has hinted that the company will be branching out into a new area in the near future.

The resignation of former WWE CEO Vince McMahon has allowed the company to experiment in front and behind the camera. Two of the company’s main objectives appear to be bringing in new talent and boosting employee morale. They also want to branch out into other areas.

In a new interview with The Wrap, WWE Senior VP Scott Zanghellini discussed the company’s long-term plans and mentioned how they could capitalize on the recent rise of NFTs and gaming technologies.

“The second we do something that’s not authentic, our fans will take note, right? That seems like the cash grab. It’s got to be something that they want … 75% of our fans self-identify as gamers. I think it’s about 60% play seven hours of video games a week or more, so massive, massive audience that’s into video games. As technology advances … what are the offerings we can give them?

What can we experiment with there, knowing where they are, you know, you have to meet them where they are … With our NFTs for example, digital collectibles, we all see the success of that. It’s worked out for us in terms of our long-term partnerships making sure that we’re partnering with best in class partners … Gaming is a category that we will be in shortly. Again, I’m going to keep that tight-lipped.”

WWE is no stranger to dropping NFTs. The company released its first set of NFTs to coincide with The Undertaker’s retirement. They also dropped exclusive John Cena NFTs leading up to SummerSlam 2021.

As for gaming, Fightful reported in March 2022 that WWE was reportedly looking to bring their game division to Electronic Arts (EA). The company has a longstanding relationship Take-Two and 2K Sports. However, rumors suggested their relationship with Take-Two was teetering toward the edge of a cliff following the disastrous release of WWE 2K20.

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