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WWE Enter Negotiations Over ‘Stone Cold’ Trademark

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According to Fightful, WWE have entered negotiations with NFL star Chris Jones, regarding the trademark dispute over the designation, ‘Stone Cold.’

In October, Inside the Ropes reported that the two parties had become locked in a dispute over the usage of the designation more commonly associated with Steve Austin when Jones began to use in order to label his new line of soda.

All the way back in September, WWE filed a complaint in order to oppose the trademark registered by the NFL player and on October 23, Stone Cold LLC – the company which created the Stone Cold Soda responsible for the argument – stating their belief that there was zero confusion between their product and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Now, both companies have entered a stage of negotiations over the label with WWE filing a motion to suspend trademark proceedings on December 15. The hope is that some type of middle ground can be found in order that the case is dropped and Jones can continue to produce his product.

HeelByNature stated that the document of negotiation filed reads:

The parties are actively engaged in negotiations for the settlement of this matter. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. requests that this proceeding be suspended for 30 days to allow the parties to continue their settlement efforts.

As per the filing deadline, should no settlement be made by January 15, 2021, then previous proceedings will resume without further notice.

One of the men at the centre of this debate, Stone Cold Steve Austin, who seems to have dropped the nickname in his recent endeavours, has yet to comment on the matter.