WWE Employees “Very Scared” Following Recent Changes

Vince McMahon Returns To Make Changes To WWE Raw

WWE merged with Endeavor and some changes are likely afoot besides just a name.

It was early this week when pro wrestling history was made when Vince McMahon officially handed the keys over to Ari Emanuel and his new TKO venture. With a huge merger like this always comes huge changes, but not much different will be seen on the surface.

Triple H will remain as the captain of creative in the Chief Content Officer position as McMahon stays as Executive Chairman. Nick Khan, who received a hefty sum for his selling efforts, will stay in place as WWE CEO. Additionally, what fans will see as a weekly television product will not shift focus. However, what does that mean for people behind the scenes? Dave Meltzer stated on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio that people currently employed by WWE are concerned for their jobs.

“There are going to be people laid off in WWE and, you know, a lot of WWE employees are very scared and have every right to be… I know people who are really bracing in that company and it’s a very different environment. It is very much they are going to cut back on employees, on certain expenses.”

WWE Employees Are Concerned, Should The Wrestlers Be?

Current WWE employees unfortunately do have reason for worry as when the sale was announced back in April, plans were already in place for September cuts. With TKO being this financially conscientious, it’s likely that the talent will be factored in, states Meltzer.

“When it comes to talent, they are obviously going to keep the line on salaries about where they are while, of course, increasing revenue to a great degree.”

H/t to Cultaholic.