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WWE Edits Controversial Line Out Of SmackDown Promo

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns has been praised almost unanimously for his recent work on the microphone, but on the most recent episode of SmackDown it appears that WWE feel the Tribal Chief went a little too far.

After returning to WWE, John Cena arrived on the July 19th episode of Monday Night RAW to lay down a challenge to Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The challenge was clear. Cena wants to face the long-reigning champion in the main event of SummerSlam in Las Vegas on August 21st. Not that the challenge was completely in the spirit of competition as Cena took jabs at Reigns, later calling him an “a**hole.”

By the time SmackDown rolled around on July 23rd, Cena appeared on the show expecting answers. However, things didn’t quite go as planned for the 16-time world champion. Reigns said that he wasn’t interested in facing Cena in Vegas, before going on the offensive himself.

The Head of the Table said that Cena was boring, he’d returned with the same look, same gear, and cut the same promo as always, before comparing him to sex in the missionary position every night.

While the line drew an audible pop from fans in attendance and a big reaction online, it appears WWE weren’t quite as enthusiastic.

While WWE have uploaded the video of the promo to their YouTube channel, the clip now skips over the line, heading straight to the arrival of Finn Balor.

Despite not accepting the challenge from Cena, Reigns was quickly challenged by the first-ever Universal Champion, Finn Balor. The Irishman who only recently returned to SmackDown, sauntered to the ring before calling out Reigns face to face. It was a challenge that the champion was all to happy to accept.