WWE Duo Split On Raw – “You Can’t Polish A Turd”

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Baron Corbin has endured something of a bizarre last few years in WWE.

He ended 2019 as a King but by mid-2021 he had become a bum after losing a number of matches as well as encountering misfortune outside of the ring. He lost his car, all of his money and his wife left him. However, a trip to Las Vegas for SummerSlam that August saw his fortunes rebound. The star won a great deal of money and became Happy Corbin. But again this good run wasn’t meant to last.

After a number of losses, including to his protege Madcap Moss, Corbin was recruited by JBL who declared him the Modern-Day Wrestling God in October 2022. This led to a period of success, but in recent weeks things haven’t quite worked out.

In fact, Corbin hasn’t won a televised match since November, and on Raw following a loss to Dexter Lumis, JBL decided he could take the pain no more.

Baron Corbin Abandoned On WWE Raw By JBL

Backstage after the loss, JBL scalded Corbin and said he was done with him. He said during his own career he was must-see television, but the former NXT star was channel-changing television. The Hall of Famer went on to add that he had lost all credibility.

Like a defeated husband who realised that this time his wife really is done and is about to run off with the postman, Corbin vowed to change and be better. But JBL was having none of it, declaring that you “can’t polish a turd,” and he knows because he tried.

Elsewhere on Raw, Brock Lesnar called out Bobby Lashley via a joke about being unable to forget the All-Mighty even after alone time with his wife, and Lita made a shock return to come to the aid of Becky Lynch.