WWE Drops Another ‘White Rabbit’ Easter Egg With More Links To Bray Wyatt

White Rabbit

The “White Rabbit” mystery continues.

Friday night on Smackdown, WWE flashed another QR code right after a Karrion Kross promo. When scanned, the individual is sent to a video of old cartoon characters and butchered meat. The link of the video is wwe.com/1911. Also in the video, located in the bottom corner, is the mysterious white rabbit. When you hover over the bunny, the number/letter combination ‘TS_S10E6’ appears.

A few of the cartoon characters in the video are pigs, which fans have compared to ‘Huskus The Pig Boy,’ one of the six characters that were featured in the Firefly Fun House of Bray Wyatt. The ‘Big Bad Wolf’ was also featured in the video, eerily mixing in with the cartoon pigs and meat hanging in a butcher shop. Also, the numbers 1911 in the WWE URL are also being linked to Bray Wyatt, with the star wearing the combination while dressed as the Mad Hatter in a Fun House promo.

Also in the QR code was a Morse Code, and when cracked, it translates to “AZAZEL REBORN.” Another mystery involving a code was a second message found in the source code of these vignettes, reading “<!– DRINK MORE OVALTINE –>”

There appeared to be another “White Rabbit” Easter Egg on Smackdown as well, with a person in the crowd holding a sign that read “revel in what you are.” The individual holding the sign showed it to cameras, and then simply just walked away into the audience. In a 2019 tweet from his @Windham6 account, Wyatt posted “revel in what you are” with a picture of “The Fiend.”

The latest clues on Smackdown come 24 hours after Fightful reported that the “White Rabbit” mystery will be revealed on October 8 at WWE’s Extreme Rules Premium Live Event, and that it is indeed looking like Bray Wyatt is behind the phenomenon.