WWE Drop Major Malakai Black Return Hint

Malakai Black

WWE has offered up a massive hint in the latest twist in the White Rabbit saga that it could relate to Malakai Black despite the star confirming he’s still part of AEW.

On the September 26th episode of Raw, another White Rabbit code popped up on the screen during the bout between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio. The code wasn’t mentioned by commentary, but eagle-eyed viewers who were able to scan the code were led to another clue, this one taking the form of a TikTok video that featured multiple WWE stars.

In the video, multiple WWE stars’ promos were mashed up to once more ask the question “WHO KILLED THE WORLD?” and answer with “YOU DID.” Promos were also cut together to say “FEED YOUR HEAD.” Some of the stars featured were The Rock, Randy Orton, Road Dogg, Kurt Angle, Edge, John Cena, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Cody Rhodes.

This latest tease comes with another easter egg as among the source code for the video posted on WWE.com are the lines from a familiar song “no man is ever truly good, mo man is ever truly evil.” These lyrics come from the WWE theme song of the former Aleister Black – now known as AEW’s Malakai Black.

Apparently, this tease is for nothing however as, despite rumours to the contrary, Malakai Black says he could be back in front of AEW fans in a matter of weeks.