WWE Doesn’t Want Fans To Think Big-Name Star Is Returning Soon

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Randy Orton has been out of action since May 2022, but there has been significant speculation that his absence could be coming to an end.

It has been reported that Orton will be in attendance for WrestleMania 39 and even wants to return at the event. This sparked a huge number of rumours suggesting that he could be back in the ring any day now. However, a more recent report from Dave Meltzer attempted to pour cold water on the speculation. Meltzer noted that The Viper won’t be wrestling anytime soon.

He followed this up with more detail on Wrestling Observer Radio, reporting that WWE doesn’t want fans thinking he’s going to be back soon because he won’t be wrestling.

“This is what I was told. Randy Orton is in town. I was told by WWE that they said it was kinda like, ‘you can put it out,’ it’s not gossip. It was directly told to me that he is not ready to return. They basically said they don’t want people to think that he’s ready to return. So if for some reason that turns out to not be true, I mean, I was told from the very top there that and to put it out. They never lied to me about something this directed, so I presume that’s the case,”

Creative Pitch Made For Matt Riddle’s WWE Return

While Orton has been out since May, his tag team partner Matt Riddle hasn’t been seen since early December. Shortly after the star was written off television it was claimed that he was suspended for failing a second drugs test.

While there has been no confirmation from the star or WWE over the rumoured failed tests or a suspension, a former girlfriend claimed that the star had been to rehab.

It has been reported that a creative pitch has been made for Riddle to return to action.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co