“WWE Doesn’t Like Me Anymore” Reveals Legendary 90’s Talent

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H

It seems WWE has shelved another documentary about one of the stars of years gone by.

Barry Horowitz found fame in WWE and elsewhere by simply not winning. Horowitz made numerous appearances across a range of NWA territories in the 70s and into the mid-80s before joining the WWF in 1987.

Horowitz remained with the company until April 1990, before making a brief stop in WCW and the newly formed Global Force Wrestling, and then heading back to the WWF in 1991.

From here Horowitz established himself as one of the WWF’s most reliable enhancement talents, tangling with a number of the company’s biggest stars as they moved onwards and upwards to bigger things. The Florida native moved back to WCW in 1997 for a three-year stint, later returning to the independent circuit.

In recent years, WWE has produced a number of documentaries about its former stars, and Horowitz has revealed the company made one about his own career. However, speaking to Under The Ring, he said that he doesn’t believe the footage will ever see the light of day.

“I guess WWE doesn’t like me anymore,” he said. “I don’t know nor do I care. A lot of people don’t even know that they did a biography on me. It was filmed two years ago and not shown. How about that one? Yeah, I guess I’m not a big enough star to get on A&E and talk about my life.”

Barry Horowitz Would Have Loved Match With WWE Legend

During the same interview, Horowitz discussed matches he missed out on and who he would have loved to have faced. The veteran named Kurt Angle as someone he would have liked to have wrestled, believing they could have put on a great 30-minute match.

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