WWE Employees Left In The Dark About Vince McMahon’s Return, Many Express Concerns

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Vince McMahon shocked the world last July when he announced his retirement from WWE amidst an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct and hush money payments. In the wake of his retirement, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan were named co-CEO’s of the company, and Triple H now serves as Chief Content Officer.

However, rumblings in mid-December indicated that Vince McMahon had begun showing interest in a return to WWE. Despite reports that the move was seen as unwelcome even among McMahon’s allies, a report from the Wall Street Journal revealed today that as majority shareholder of the company, McMahon has elected himself back to the WWE Board of Directors and is electing former co-presidents Michelle Wilson and George Barrios as well, meaning three current directors will have to step down. He is reportedly planning to sell the company.

McMahon himself issued a statement about his return shortly after the news broke.

“I Would Be Blown Away” – WWE Talent On Concerns About Vince McMahon Returning To Creative

According to a new report from Fightful Select, those within WWE were “floored” by the announcement of Vince McMahon’s return as no sources had heard any indication of this prior to the Wall Street Journal’s report. One talent expressed that they’d not heard anything, but the fact that WWE kept some of Vince McMahon’s allies such as Kevin Dunn in the company, there must have been some internal knowledge that this would happen.

“Not one bit, but considering some people from his regime were kept this long, they must have known it would happen. We’ll see if they talk to us tomorrow [ahead of SmackDown].”

The report continues, stating that one top talent had inquired about possible changes to creative if McMahon were to return to the company, but no information was given. The idea of Vince McMahon regaining creative control from Triple H has reportedly been a “common concern” among talent.

One talent is quoted as saying:

“Finding out online is scary, and it’s Vince, so I don’t believe a word he says. I hope current management and everything doesn’t change, but only time will tell.”

That talent also expressed great respect for both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in their current roles, and another talent said there would be a “roster uproar” if McMahon returns and regains his position as head of creative.

Two sources within the creative department itself told Fightful that they’d not heard of any changes to their duties, and were sent notes about the January 6th episode of WWE SmackDown shortly before the Wall Street Journal report broke.

Fightful Select also reports that production staff weren’t told about McMahon’s impending return, and that many felt it was either bad news or “news above their pay grade” that they’d deal with when it became necessary. One source pointed out the increase in the after-hours stock price for WWE.

One concerned higher up within the company was quoted as saying:

“I can’t count how many interviews I’ve read or people I talked to outside the company that said ‘Vince liked me, but I got fired.’ He didn’t like you, he didn’t like any of them. He fired or they wouldn’t have been fired during a pandemic.”

A recently signed talent also expressed concern, saying:

“I would be blown away if he returned to creative.”

Inside the Ropes will continue to report on details surrounding Vince McMahon’s return as they become available.